Software engineer, CEO of Classadoo

I have a degree in robotics, expertise in web development and passion for innovative education.

Education Work (2015-Present)


2015 - Present

Founder, CEO

We teach remote Web Development classes accross the US and China, facilitated by software I created.

Launch Camp


Founder, Coach, CEO

Entrepreneurship Summer camp and after school program, now run as Launch Studio across the bay area.

School Shaped

2015 - 2016

Founder, CEO

I ran a nonprofit which built software for schools, with schools.

Two Week Business

2016 - 2017

Creator, Teacher

Created and taught an ongoing intersession class at Design Tech High School, in which students found a business in two weeks.

Web Development Work (2011-Present)


Intern 2012, Full Time 2013 - 2015

Software Engineer

Built front end, back end and data pipeline software at Twitter scale. #DMTeamForever

Pivotal Labs


Software Engineer Intern

Built restaurant management software, accidentally put a period in the corner of the Pivotal Labs homepage.

Side Projects



Research tools, including Webtrails, Curricula including Olin JS, remote classroom management tools including Classadoo Suite.

Olin College of Engineering

Student, Teacher, Participant. Designed and taught 7 courses including Olin's first credited, student taught course.

Graduated in 2013 with a degree in Engineering and Robotics, GPA of 3.74.

Research in Applied Physiology


Designed and built an experiment measuring the effect of ambient temperature on sleep (software here and here, papers here and here).

Research in Drones


Designed and built an autonomous drone for AGCO, to detect crop health. Paper here.

Research in Robotic Sailing


Designed and built a Sailbot starter kit for high and middle school aged children. (software here)