David Gaynor

Building complicated products with simple tech.
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David Gaynor

Building complicated products with simple tech.
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I've lived in 7 cities on 4 continents. I worked at Twitter through its IPO. I spent a lot of my 20's launching startups, including one which was acquired. I've enjoyed some success and grown a lot through failure — here's a bit about myself.

I like to work with people who care.

I seek teams that fail fast and exchange thoughtful feedback. I tend to find this when interests are aligned by shared passion— maybe IPOing Twitter, maybe training a cohort of students.

I seek progress, but am OK where I am.

Through writing, meditating and moving I try remind myself that am I enough, right now.

I enjoy solving problems and finding the right problem to solve.

I won't fix bugs when a new app is needed. I won't build an app when a new business is needed. I won't build a business when I can support an existing one.

My biggest challenge is finding balance.

Living my life as described above makes me really happy, but sometimes I go too far.

Sometimes seeking continuous feedback leads me to solve shallow problems. Sometimes I try to be fearless and end up thoughtless. Sometimes my bias towards action causes me to give up on good ideas too soon.

I seek moderation, knowing I'll never really get there, but I'll be happier if I try.

Building Businesses



Early Stage Startup Advising

I help early stage businesses discover and deliver high value tech products.


2019 - 2020

Director of Product

Led a team of 4 PMs and 12 engineers building tech to measure and facilitate engineering services.


2017 - 2019

Founder, CEO

Tech powered Web Development classes accross the US, China and Pakistan. Acquired by Andela in 2018.

Launch Camp


Founder, CEO

Entrepreneurship Summer camp and after school program, now run as Launch Studio across the SF bay area.

Building Software



Advisor/Principal Engineer

Helped unlock $7M in funding for online meditation classes.



Technical Advisor

Helped Dipsea launch their first iOS app. $0 to $12M in funding in 3 years.


2012 - 2015

Software Engineer

Built front end, back end and data pipeline software at Twitter scale. #DMTeamForever

Pivotal Labs


Software Engineer Intern

3 client projects, accidentally put a period in the corner of the homepage.

Olin College of Engineering

Student, Teacher, Participant. Designed and taught 7 courses including Olin's first credited, student taught course.

Graduated in 2013 with a degree in Engineering and Robotics, GPA of 3.74.

Research in Applied Physiology


Designed and built an experiment measuring the effect of ambient temperature on sleep (software here and here, papers here and here).

Research in Drones


Designed and built an autonomous drone for AGCO, to detect crop health. Paper here.

Research in Robotic Sailing


Designed and built a Sailbot starter kit for high and middle school aged children. (software here)